Tommy took his time with us, we took some cool pictures with the guitar and he was very nice. I was in seventh heaven when I saw Tommy playing on the guitar he just signed about one hour earlier - that is a feeling I`ll never forget. Now Tommys guitar - mine :-) is hanging on my wall with the other guitars I have. When I look at the guitar today I think back at the good experience I had when I bought this guitar from Tommy. Me and my wife are looking forward to see you in Norway this summer. I`ll bring the guitar so we can take the picture all three.

Best regards,


We wanted to write you and thank you for the experience that came with the the Autographed Tommy Thayer Signature Series Spaceman Les Paul Guitar and The Backstage Meet and Greet on the KKII (KISS Kruise II)! We truly enjoyed meeting you and talking with your before the show while you signed the guitar! Posing for photos with us and the guitar backstage was awesome! The appreciation you have for your fans is genuine and incredible! Your staff was great and made the experience a memorable event!  During the concert, it was fantastic when you came out on stage with the guitar during the encore and played "Rock & Roll All Nite!!" We took many pictures of you playing the signed guitar up on stage while it was being played! Having the guitar handed to us after the concert was priceless!! It was an amazing experience we will never forget!  It was "Outta This World!" Thank you! - Jeff and Lauren

This is a picture of my autographed Tommy Thayer Epiphone Limited Edition Spaceman Les Paul.  It's displayed in my custom cabinet crafted by Ozark Valley Displays.  I love it!

Frances Stevens


From start to finish the whole experience exceeded our expectations. We met Tommy in our home town Sydney, Australia on March 10, 2013. We first spoke with Tommy's guitar tech Michael who showed us the guitar and gave us the details on what would happen. We were then taken to the backstage area where Tommy was waiting. Tommy spent a lot of time asking us questions and making sure we got the guitar and case signed with a sincere and personal message. Lots of photos were taken and we were able to get our Aussie AFL tour shirt signed! Tommy even allowed me

(Pam) to wear his armband for a photo and then I helped him zip it back up. So in my mind, I helped Tommy get ready for the show (lol). The show was amazing but the highlight was definitely the encore. It is so hard to describe the feeling of seeing your very own piece of KISStory up on stage and on the big screen. A big thank you to everyone involved and again to Tommy for making sure that we had the experience of a lifetime and we’ve got the guitar to prove it!!

Regards, Pam and Rob (from Sydney)

Thank you very much for the meet and greet, which was a great experience for us. We really enjoyed this evening — it was such a special moment for us when you signed the guitar and played it on the stage. This guitar will now get a place of honour in our home and will always remind us of this gorgeous event.

Best regards,

Andreas & Karin (Germany)


We had a great time and lot of fun with Tommy and hope to see him soon again!

Thank You,

Roman and Scarlet


I just wanted to thank you for great "TT Guitar Meet & Greet Experience." My wife Ann & myself were really over whelmed by it all. It will be a truly memorable time that I will look back at fondly. From start to finish with the help of your guitar tech (Michael) it was so cool being there in person & being able to visit etc. As far as the guitar itself....Wow she is one sleek lookin' unit & being able to watch you play it live onstage at the show was just awesome. If there are any people out there considering doing this - It is a no-brainer, do not miss out on this cool event.

—Kevin (Canada)


What a good looking’ bunch! Really awesome guitar too. OH YEAH! That’s my guitar! Tommy Thayer played it for me in Edmonton, Alberta on July 12, 2013.

First off, I can’t begin to describe how cool it is when I receive a personal call from Tommy Thayer’s guitar tech, Michael. This doesn’t happen every day, people! Introductions, pleasantries and arrangements are made and after concluding our conversation I’m left with quite a WOW! feeling. It was hard to focus on work from that point on. I was so eager to get on the road home for this experience!

On the day of the show, Michael met us personally and escorted us behind the stage. My wife and I waited in a separate room for Tommy’s arrival. I will never forget the smile on my wife’s face as I introduced her to Tommy. He took his time to talk about his guitar, what songs he was going to play and we got to take a lot of pictures. Tommy signed memorabilia, signed a picture for our daughters and of course he signed my guitar. Then it was time for Tommy to go. SHOWTIME!

Watching Tommy playing my signed guitar on that massive screen for the rest of the 15,000+ Edmonton KISS Army members to see. Let me tell you. There are pinnacle moments in people lives and for me, this certainly ranks up there!

You’re the best Tommy - Tom Simon.


Dear Tommy,

 I would like to thank you for the kindness with which you have received us at the show in Udine, Italy at Villa Manin.

We spent a moment of our life that will remain forever in our memories. Thank you also for your dedication on the guitar and all the signatures you made to us.

Ciao, Gianni & Friends


Hi Tommy,

We had a great time on the cruise! The guitar and Meet & Greet was awesome... my daughter Mia and son Dane, had a great time. This was one of the best experiences we have had and well worth the money. I want to thank Michael Berger for helping with it, as I know it was hectic before the show.

Thanks again see you next tour/Kruise.

— The Ossichak family

I had the pleasure of purchasing a stage played White Lightning from indoor show #1 on KISS Kruise V.

Imagine my excitement when I go backstage after the show and Tommy informs me that "Parasite" and "She" we're played on my guitar. I immediately confirmed that this means his featured guitar solo was played on my guitar!!!!

After the guitar was signed we had a great conversation which included talking about a restaurant we each went to with our families when we were younger. Hope you love the t-shirts Tommy!

Always a gentleman and down to earth, I highly recommend this meet and greet experience to all KISS fans!

Thanks again Tommy, see you on KISS Kruise VI if not sooner.Ryan Barks


My wife and I want to personally thank you for the incredible experience that came with the stage-played and autographed Tommy Thayer Signature Series White Lightning Les Paul Guitar, as well as the backstage meet & greet after the Freedom To Rock show in Saginaw, Michigan on August 15, 2016.

From start to finish, the whole experience could not have been more perfect. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting and spending time with you after the show.  Thank you for personalizing and signing your guitar.  Thank you for the setlist and guitar picks.  Thank you for signing our memorabilia.  Thank you for posing for photographs with us and your guitar.  Thank you for talking with us and answering our questions.  THANK YOU for not making us (or the experience) feel rushed!

Tommy Thayer you are a professional, you are a gentleman, and the appreciation you have for your fans is truly sincere, heartfelt, and genuine! This was an amazing experience – one we will never forget! We highly recommend this experience to all KISS fans - YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. Thank you again Tommy! Sean & Leigh (United States)

Tommy - Sue and I had a phenomenal time at the Meet & Greet after the KISS KRUISE Show. We were so touched by your kindness and warm personality. You spent time with us and we talked about our new grandson.  You made sure that the signing of my guitar and memorabilia was just right.

I want to thank Kevin and his wife ( from Canada ) for letting me know what a great experience this would be for us.

Once again, thank you very much for this fantastic experience. Dick & Sue Ryncarz 

Tommy went out of his way to make it all happen for us. Les Paul blue guitar is AWESOME. Tommy was gr8. We'll miss KISS but we'll always have these gr8 memories.

The Ruiz Family at Virginia Beach

Meet and greet with Tommy at Barclays Center (Brooklyn, NY) — Otero Family

It was a great fan experience with Tommy in Iffezheim. I’d like to thank him for this unforgettable meeting. My 10-year old godchild saw KISS live for the first time in his life. After the concert, we went backstage to meet Tommy. It was amazing to see Tommy playing the guitar backstage and to stand next to him. He spent a lot of time with us and we took many photos. The White Lightning Explorer is my second guitar signed and played by Tommy. This guitar will now get a place of honour in my home. Tommy, thanks for the inspiration!
— Andreas (Germany)

Meeting Tommy after the Sioux City IA show was awesome. Being a guitar player myself it was really cool to “talk shop” with Tommy about his setup. Thank you so much Tommy for being such a great guy and making me feel like we’ve known each other for years!!!
— David Barnett


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